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Food processing companies have made El Paso their choice for business some of which include Santa Fe Food Co. (Food processor) and Eagle Family Foods (Nut products).  El Paso’s chief agricultural products are dairy products, cattle, cotton, pecans, onions, forage, and peppers.  El Paso’s strategic location on the U.S.-Mexican border offers companies a variety of resources unmatched by other communities such as a qualified workforce, affordability, a favorable business climate, railroad transportation, overweight corridor for truck transportation, connectivity to Mexico and Latin America, and an ability to export products globally through the Port of El Paso.  To this day, El Paso continues to accommodate the needs of many large and small manufacturers.

El Paso is the home to the Texas A & M Agriculture Extension Service. Texas A & M agricultural scientists team up with local industry to solve environmental & ecological issues as well as production issues such as yields and profits. The Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at El Paso strives to address problems arising from El Paso’s unique geography.

Industry Leaders:

  • Santa Fe Food Co. 

  • Eagle Family Foods

  • Azar Nut Co. 

  • Novamex

  • Ben's Foods.

  • Mexi Snax Corp.

  • Ochoa Enterprise Inc.

  • Commodity Specialists Co.

  • El Paso Prepared Foods

  • Ednor Food Service Co.

  • Mount Franklin Foods Inc.

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